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Just hours after changing their Fuji event date and causing an infuriating clash with IMSA’s Petit Le Mans round, the WEC decided they should continue to push the IMSA to use their LMP1 rules starting in 2021.  Now, a common prototype platform for the top-level class has been something the two entities have been working on for awhile, but the push from the WEC, as expected, is still showing to be much more expensive than IMSA’s current DPi format.  Which is bad.

I am all for common prototype and common GT regulations, but for the WEC to essentially control the show, I am extremely hesitant and probably rightly so as the FIA and ACO have proven to be completely incompetent when it comes to most decisions for top-level sportscar racing.  Putting an emphasis on manufacturers for LMP1? Nope. Scheduling? Nah. Driver rankings? Not even close.  Since the ACO controls the sports’ biggest race, the Le Mans 24 Hours, they feel that they have the power and knowledge to control the entire sport from the top down and essentially do no harm.  We know in reality that is pretty much the exact opposite of what happens.

It’s time for IMSA to take the lead on the global decision making.  The series and staff really haven’t put a foot wrong since the Grand Am/ALMS merger and have a proven, top-level prototype already racing that works for both privateers and manufacturers.  Add in that they have great corporate partners, a fantastic schedule that includes two of the three biggest endurance races on the planet and a smart, simplified race format, IMSA is set to be (and probably already is) the standard that all endurance sportscar series should mimic.

So ACO, let’s take a step back allow IMSA to take a step or two forward, and open your ears.  Listen, learn and work together.  It’s okay to let someone else delegate and decide for change.

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