Sportscar: Panoz/Green4U Technologies Show All-Electric Racer

Green4U Technologies and Panoz unveiled their new GT-EV all electric racer today at Le Mans with the goal of racing at Le Mans in a future Garage 56 entry.  The GT-EV weighs in at 2,200 lbs while hitting 2,750 lbs when the removable battery pack is in stalled.

The car will hit a top speed of up to 180 MPH from it’s 450 kw power and has an range of 90-110 miles under race conditions.  “Our team is focused on achieving the speed and range of current road racing sports cars,” said Brian Willis, Vice President of Engineering and Design. “Key is the ability to go as far as petrol and hybrid race cars on the power contained in a single battery pack, then exchange the battery in about the time that it takes them to refill their tanks.”

For more pictures and information, visit the Panoz website here.

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