Sid Riley’s Lap of the Paddock: Memorial Day Edition

We’re starting our lighthearted satire piece on a serious note. Over the weekend, Pirelli World Challenge drivers Jorge de la Torre (Aston Martin) and Andrew Palmer (Bentley) had a horrific incident at Lime Rock Park. It’s none of our business to prod for information, as no one short of family and teams needs to know their conditions.

However, we should all know that we can help reaching out to them and show out support, while respecting their privacy. Don’t flake out and just like a Facebook post, or favorite someone’s tweet. Get out there, reach out, write them a heartfelt message to their FB page, send them flowers to the hospital, do something tangible to let them both know that you care. All of it does make a difference, and will be the right thing to do as fans and race family to support them back to good health and get them back in the seat.

Beyond that serious incident, Memorial Day has left us with a very wacky and interesting weekend of racing, and lots of bodywork bills.

Here’s what’s happened in the world of motorsport:

  • PWC GTS Ginetta drivers combined for 30 something years of age and nearly a dozen collisions with competitors on track for the Memorial Day double header. Hitting the likes of: Jack Roush Jr, Jade Buford, Martin Barkey, as well as knocking both Hugh Plumb and Anthony Mantella out of both races. If you hit that many cars on public road ways, you’d still be in jail. Or leaving a Mustang car meet.
  • While the big story of the PWC GT weekend was 7-Time Champion Peter Cunningham stepping out of his car, and allowing Ryan Eversley to take the reigns for the LRP rounds. The bigger story is that Ryan Eversley still hasn’t punched Nissan driver James Davison square in the mouth following incident at Canadian Tire MOSPORT Park.
  • The Indianapolis 500 didn’t disappoint as a spectacle, as pit lane looked like a bunch of teenagers in Ginettas.
  • Congrats to Alexander Rossi and his team for putting a very smart drive together to claim the 100th running of the Indy 500. For those of you that think that Rossi didn’t deserve/want it/lucked into it/didn’t care about it are all, are for lack of a better term: completely stupid. For anyone to make any of those claims A) Has no clue about drivin’, B) doesn’t know what it’s like to be there in the seat or in the trenches, and C) is completely clueless about what kind of team effort goes into that race. You’re dumb, disrespectful, and are just a fair-weather fake fan, waxing poetic and blowing hot air on social media because no one will actually listen to you. Nothing more. Take a lap.
  • There’s nothing like P1 and P2 cocking it up, and getting into each other. Except when it’s on pit lane! (Or it’s Nico and Lewis) Good work by James Hichcliffe’s RF tire changer to get the hell out of the way. Townsend was a contender that day, but will be forgotten due to a bad pit exit call. Racing’s a cruel mistress.
  • Speaking of mistresses, Elite Daily, a shoddy Gen-Y “publication”, put out an article by “sports” “writer” Adam Silvers , about the “Future of INDY Car racing: Lindsay Brewer. A driver who has little more than some Karting and a Skip Barber school under her nomex.

The article, which is little more than ignorance put into words and copy-and-pasted Instagram posts, and clearly a pathetic attempt to impress the barely-known driver

Seriously, the article was published June 1, and he date stamps on the Instagram photos used in the article are up to 8 weeks newer than they appear today. Which means he’s had these on his computer for weeks prior to publishing the “article”. Which is weird.

  • F1 cars are getting flip-flops for roofs.
  • Red Bull Racing singlehandedly dropped Daniel Riccardo’s Monaco dreams right into the harbor when they apparently forgot they needed tires. Which, for those of you watching at home, is literally the only thing that gets changed in an F1 pit stop.
  • Sources tell us that Riccardo’s tires were inaccessible to the crew after Jos piled up all of Max’s nanny’s gear in front of the tire cart. The Boss could be seen in the corner of the garage snickering with Justin Bieber.
  • NAPA has extended its partnership with Alexander Rossi to continue the Indy Car effort to the Grand Prix of Detroit this weekend. While a good gesture, the only thing that’s going to redeem you after Michael Waltrip and those stupid NAPA Know How jingles, is giving that kid a shot to win the title this year. Do it. Or I’m going to Pep Boys.
  • The folks from WEC were in the Hoosier state to watch some race, and evaluate having a round at the fabled speedway. This of course prompted the seven people in Sebring who actually care about racing, to get all pissed off that their track, and the “rightful place in North America” wasn’t considered. Forgetting that the one WEC round there was tragic.
  • Ginetta apparently has orders “coming out of their ears” for their new LMP3 car. Reports are coming in that they are being purchased exclusively by demolition derby drivers.
  • The lovely (read: dumb) people of Boston successfully turned their noses up to a $100 million+ influx of cash that was the Boston GP. Forcing series like IndyCar and Lamborghini Super Trofeo to find new homes. IndyCar has decided to make a return to Watkins Glen. With LBST going back to VIR. Why either series left those tracks in the first place is perplexing.
  • If you’re still pissed you haven’t heard an update on the drivers injured at Lime Rock Park last weekend, please comment below with your address, and I will come by and hit you in the head with a tackhammer.
  • History has already forgotten Sage Karam.
  • IMS tweeted some of the “PG-13” things they found on the grounds after the record crowd cleared out. Which means that some poor kid will decades from now will be in prison telling the story of how they were conceived in the Snake Pit during the Skrillex concert at the 100th running of the Indy 500.
  • Apparently Hell froze over in Germany last week, after snow and hail finally put a halt to the Nurburgring 24; with over 25 cars crashing in the exact same corner! Reports that the people who pack the Dunlops in the lorries didn’t check the weather, and have been sacked.
  • Ford will be going to Le Mans with not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 identically liveried Ford GTs. Vegas has the odds of the team getting the cars mixed up with one another at 5:9. Odds for a door flying open for like no reason are 11:1.
  • British F3 Driver Ameya Vaidyanathan literally sent it, when his F3 car went flying through the cool, crisp British air in spectacular fashion last weekend. Ameya was ok, and was able to walk away from the incident. However, it’s being reported that he is under investigation by England’s Civil Air Authority and faces a hefty fine for engaging in an unauthorized take off.

The Memorial Day weekend was full of Freedom, crashes, proof that teens need driving lessons, debris left all over LRP, surprises, and the usual ignorant banter from the clueless and uninformed. Stay tuned, as the racing calendar is going into full summer swing. And if Memorial Day was any indication of how things are going to go in 2016, there’s going to be LOTS to talk about.

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