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GT4 machines are the way of the GTS class and have put on some great racing to kick off the 2017 season.  With new cars like the Camaro GT4.R, Panoz’s (GTS Spec) Avezzanno, and more coming, let’s see how those who have to wrangle these machines are doing through four rounds.

A quick run down/reminder on how the TDP metric works:  We account for points total, average points scored per race, average qualifying position, average finishing position and average positions gained or lost per race.  We then take out results where driver results are harmed by mechanical failure or an incident caused by another driver. That is all combined to find the Total Driver Performance.  A negative TDP is okay, but you want your number to be as close to or above positive as possible.  For a look at the GT field, check out yesterday’s post.

Stats are not ranked in order:

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In terms of best qualifying average there’s a slew of guys who only have two race starts so far and average qualifying positions of 2nd or better.  Andrew Aquilante, Jeff Courtney and Nico Jamin all range from 1.5 – 2 average qualifying position.  Of the drivers who have made all four contests, it’s Blackdog Speedshop’s Lawson Aschenbach who leads the way with an average qualifying position of 3.5.  Aschenbach has adjusted quite nicely to the new Camaro GT4 where he has scored a pole, a 3rd, and two 5ths.

For best average finishing position, it is a tie between Andrew Aquilante and Nico Jamin who have each swept their weekends – Aquilante at St. Pete, Jamin at VIR.  Again, both racers have done only two of the four races.  Lawson Aschenbach leads the full-timers with an average finishing position of 2.5 where he has two 2nd place finishes and two 3rd place finishes.  Panoz’s Ian James is second of the full time guys with an average finishing position of 5.  James has two mechanical failures from the first two races of the season where the results are not counted, then finished 6th and 4th at VIR.  Mantella Autosport’s Martin Barkey is next in line with a 5.75 avg finishing position where he has finished 5th, 11th, 4th and 5th on the season.

Now the start of the truly important stuff – average positions gained/lost per race.  Ricco Shlaimoun leads the way with 5.5 positions gained per race (in two races).  GMG’s George Kurtz and his McLaren sit second in the category by gaining an average of 5.25 positions per race.  Ian James has an average of 4.75 positions gained per race.

With average points scored per race we have Andrew Aquilante and Nico Jamin both averaging 25.5 (two wins in two tries will do that), then Jeff Courtney with 23.5 after two consecutive 2nd place finishes at VIR in his season debut event.  With four races under his belt, Lawson Aschenbach averages 22.25 points per race – and also leads the official PWC championship standings with 89 total points to Martin Barkey’s 63.

So now, the actual TDP Rankings:

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As you can see, it’s Andrew Aquilante who leads the way with a TDP score of .2404.  Nico Jamin has a .1571 So, while both Aquilante and Jamin have two race wins, how does Aquilante have the top score?  Well, his average positions gained is better: 1, where Jamin is .5.  After those two it’s both Blackdog drivers Tony Gaples and Lawson Aschenbach with .0865 and .0707 respectively.  Ian James sits 5th with a .0705 score.


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