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  1. Total and complete BS by IMSA. The P2 have not been at a competitive disadvantage except for MAYBE Daytona. Even there a P2 was among the top 5 in fastest laps. P2 would have not only won but may have swept the podium at Sebring if not for Ganassi’s pit strategy. Top 6 fastest cars were split equally between DP and P2 at Sebrting with the P2 taking two of top three spots. All this before TUSC gets to a track that favors the P2 as Mazda does with it’s high speed turns. So why the big rush to reduce the HP of the DP before getting to Mazda? Most likely they knew that a P2 had a more than good chance of winning and if it did they would not be able to push a BoP change across to benefit the P2.

  2. It’s so difficult since the cars make their times at such different parts of the circuits. I just hope when the IMSA makes their tweaks they will be small

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