Design Your Perfect Race Series – Part 3

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Answers from Part 2 can be seen here.  But here’s a quick rundown of what happened:

It was decided in Part 2 that the series would be made up of LMP1, LMP2 and GT3 cars where the manufacturers and privateers will fight head to head – meaning if Dyson Racing wants to take on the mighty Audi team in LMP1, they will do so, there will not be an LMP1 privateer class as seen in WEC today.  Pitstops will be the same style as WEC.

We’re starting to narrow it down and the series is starting to take shape.  We do, however, still have some important areas to cover – the calendar and name of the series being the biggest.

These names were generated by the series heads (Matt and Ben) vote or comment below)

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We’ll have 12 races spread through North America.  Here’s a list of tracks.  Pick your favorites and vote for as many as you’d like, the top 12 will make up the schedule.

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[poll id=”38″]

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Obviously this will be the most popular series ever created and entries will be coming out of our ears.  Should there be a grid maximum?

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Lastly, we want to keep our grids full and one way to do that is to lock in a consistent rule book.  Obviously some updating will need to happen to keep up with the latest safety and industry standards, but how long should the rules be locked in?

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Part 4 will be the summary of the series incorporating all of the decisions made to design this new fake series.





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  1. TRspitfirefan June 8, 2016 @ 6:31 pm

    Basically we all just want our ALMS back. 😉

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