2018 Pirelli World Challenge Entry List Tracker – GT, GTS, Touring Car

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It’s been about a month since our last PWC entry list tracker and A LOT has happened through all classes.  We’ll also be debuting the first Touring Car division tracker for the upcoming season, so let’s start with that:


For 2018, the TC class will once again run on it’s own.  Do not be alarmed by the extremely low numbers there right now, not much info has gone public.  You can still expect a pretty large grid in the class, with a lot of BMW M235iRs running.  Karl Wittmer did confirm a ride with Classic BMW recently and I’m expecting a few more teams will reach out shortly, such as HMA with a Honda Civic Type R.

Also for 2018, the series confirmed full-spec TCR machines are eligible, after running the “clubsport” Audi RS3 LMS in 2017 that was slowed down to TC levels.  So far the TCR excitement is here and we’ll be looking at a healthy grid into the mid-high teens and that could reach the low 20s by the end of the season.  FCP Euro have confirmed two VW Golf GTI, Murillo Racing will field an Audi RS3 LMS for Matthew Fassnacht and we should see two Alfa Romeo TCRs from the Alfa TCR team (BAM1!).  The Race Company have also announced a partnership with M1GT and will be running an Audi RS3 LMS.  TCR will be running with the TCA class and so far only TechSport has gone public with their entry of four Subaru BRZs.

There should be some exciting Touring Car news coming at the Chicago Autoshow as well.

The GTS ranks are really heating up as 28 cars have already officially been confirmed.  A 29th should be announced in the very near future.  Mark Klenin has confirmed his McLaren entry.  Max Riddle will join him for SprintX.Okay,   Lawson Aschenbach and Tony Gaples will once again be in the Blackdog Speedshop Camaro GT4.  Flying Lizard will be switching to Audi machinery where Mike Hedlund and Adam Merzon will be driving for the full season.  Ryan Eversley will join Merzon for SprintX.  DXDT is close to having their Mercedes GT4 program officially announced soon.  Look for 30+ full season entries in the GT4-based class.

The GT grid is starting to fill out nicely with a big announcement coming from TruSpeed as the team takes over the former-Stevenson Motorsports Audi R8 GT3s.  Parker Chase will run one in GTA and will have Ryan Dalziel as a teammate for SprintX.  The teams other drivers should be announced in the near future.  TRG will run an Aston Martin for at least the opening round in St. Pete, but I have kept them off the confirmed entries for now.  Full season GT3-based grid should reach the high teens and potentially poke into the low 20s at some rounds.

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